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el tono's halo/advice

updated sun 12 aug 01


Joyce Lee on sat 11 aug 01

Tony said:=20

"Make one jar each
morning and make twenty five lids to fit it. You'll learn to make them =
soon enough."

You know, that IS a very fine and workable suggestion, Tone. I HAVE =
baskets brimful of lids ... some even fit.... some look good.... a few =
even fit AND look good. AND I do make several jars at a throwing now =
and then. BUT I do believe, dear Tony,=20
that IF I were to make a jar or two each and every morning and ... =
maybe..... ten lids... okay, I could start with, couldn't do =
it.... ten per jar, it would be ...... improvement MUST be built in.
I think the beauty of this suggestion is that it isn't as daunting as =
400 teapots ... and, as some of you have said, you have to FEEL the =
image in your mind .... not focus so on each small detail. Well, =
frankly, if I'm feeling a mental image of 400 anything ... I'm shot =
outta the water from the get-go. I have not yet thrown... nor =
handbuilt.... more than ten of any one specific form during one studio =
session..... and then, I've been compelled to move around cleaning or =
throwing some other kind of pot after about six, before going on with =
the other few. I keep at least one destined-to-be-tall coiled pot going =
most of the time just for such moments. I can always feel a sense of =
accomplishment from adding a few coils and thinking about the =
shape/design as I go. I like looking at them, too, admiring them ... =
and having them stand so tall, preening, at attention for visitors ... =
visitors who do not know that only a few of these large, tall, heavy =
pots have made it to fruition ... "something" seems to happen to =
them.... not from firing... when I fire them, they generally work..... =
at least, in the bisque. Just hexed, I think. (Or do "hexed" and =
"think" comprise an oxymoron??)

I do use the Potters Handbook (I think it is.. the one by Clary?) when =
I'm stuck..... looks like such a simple text/workbook .... it's not... =
well, it is simple, but it's also extremely helpful in keeping a =
midrange potter, such as I am, on target.... even though I may change =
the target a bit. The Handbook allows for that kind of change.

Your halo slipped a bit, Prince Tony?? I don't think so. Probably just =
a poor fit around&over those horns........

In the Mojave preparing to go out for Fast Food... generally, a no-no in =
this household which is no longer filled with children ..... but #1 =
doesn't want to go out and I don't want to cook......been a busy week =
starting with a jury duty call ... so FF it is....