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kiln questions and looking for some equipment

updated sat 18 aug 01


Blevmtl1@AOL.COM on fri 17 aug 01

Can anyone shed some light.
I am looking to buy a kiln. I believe I need single phase 240 however I am
not certain as my studio is in an industrial building and I believe that I
might be able to put in 1 or 3 phase as there are several panels. Is there
an advantage of having one over the other? ie... is single phase the more
And can someone explain the difference between 208 and 240 and do I need to
be concerned about this.

Does anyone know someone selling a kiln. I am looking for a cone 8 to 10 kiln
preferably with an electronic controller ie. skutt. Right now i think i need
single phase 240. It has to go to Northern New York State or Montreal, Canada
I am willing to drive a distance to get it but please consider if you are
willing to prepare for shipping. I am also looking for a basic extruder and
maybe a wheel.

please reply to email address or clayart
thanks bev