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mel's home address

updated sun 19 aug 01


Joyce Lee on sat 18 aug 01

Melvin Jacobson
14831 Walker Place
Minnetonka, Minnesota USA
55345 =20

for those who would like to send notes or cards, which can be helpful in =
times of stress.

In addition to the posts on Clayart, I've received many requests to =
contribute to some sort of memorial for Mel's son, Mark. Many have =
mentioned the Potters Council or the cookbook as well as other =
clay-related possibilities.

My opinion is no more meaningful than any other clayarter's, of course, =
but it occurs to me that Mark was not, himself, a potter. Yet he did =
spend a great many happy hours with his dad at the farm at HayCreek =
making repairs, doing maintenance chores and just hanging out with his =
old man. They also hunted there during the season. HayCreek is =
clay-related and does relate to Mark as well as to Mel. Kay Fritz, a =
Haycreeker, knows of several projects for the farm that Mel is hoping to =
pursue, and has offered to help in anyway that she can. Perhaps that is =
reasonable avenue for those who desire to contribute something.

This is just a thought and isn't meant to carry any special import =
greater than the ideas expressed by any one of us....=20

In the Mojave