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need advice on gas kiln purchase

updated thu 30 aug 01


Dave Finkelnburg on tue 28 aug 01

Regarding commercial kiln prices, every ceramic supply catalog I have
seen which listed kilns had the prices. Check out the ads in ceramics
magazines and start contacting the numbers or addresses listed there.
You'll be swamped with kiln literature and prices. At the very least this
will give you a basis for comparing the commercial offerings to whatever
other way you may consider going to get your kiln.
Good firing!
Dave Finkelnburg listening to the wonderful cricket chorus again

Carole Fox on tue 28 aug 01

Dear Clayart friends,

I am so tired of my raku and horsehair pots. After all these years of =
thinking raku was the coolest thing... I just wanna make a bowl and eat =
soup out of it! I don't want to have to warn people not to use my pots =
for food or water or worry that they will be used in that fashion by a =
third party. I am ready to borrow some money and buy a gas kiln.

I know there are Geil Kilns and Bailey Kilns and Alpine. Where does one =
begin to research kiln buying? Don't send me to the archives- I've been =
there! None of the websites for kiln companies list prices, so how am I =
to know what's affordable to me? My only experience with gas kilns is a =
homemade updraft arched softbrick kiln fired with two venturi burners. I =
was originally thinking to duplicate this kiln but an article by Marc =
Ward made me realize that I knew very little about kilns, had no =
experience with building them, and perhaps a commercial kiln would be =

And then there are people who come out and build a kiln on your site. =
Has anyone in the PA- DE-MD area had this experience? What would be the =
advantages or disadvantages of this service. One advantage is that I =
would learn a lot. I'm sure.

My largest forms are about 3 feet tall. Mostly, I want to make dinner =
ware and serving pieces. I am hoping to spend about $3-4000 (am I =
totally off base?). I have been dreaming about taking this big step for =
so long. I have no experience with forced air burners or controllers. I =
am willing and wanting to learn, though. I will be using propane. I will =
have the kiln outdoors under a metal roof.

I have read a lot about building kilns- have the Olsens Rhodes books and =
Nils' too. But I need a shopper's guide. Any help would be appreciated.

Carole Fox
Elkton, MD- ready to follow my dreams...