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i wanted to create

updated thu 13 sep 01


Ursula Goebels on wed 12 sep 01

Tom wrote:
..."I wanted to create. I made several lovely covered jars.
Thank God [if there is one] for the creators, the lovers and the tolerant."
Tom Sawyer

Dear Tom,
I can't work, sleep...
Born and raised in Germany I saw such destruction and hatred. Reflecting as
an adult I made orbs, exploded them in pit fires and wrapped them in barbed
wire -
much later in my life when Apollo was sending us beautiful pictures of our
planet I was more hopeful that we could overcome day...
and my artist statement read:
"...creating orbs I emulate a spatial view to capture the astral elements of
our world, I aim to transcend cultural boundaries, political ideologies and
religious dogma to metaphorically
demonstrate that humanity, nature and the powers that govern the universe
are intrinsically one."

Words! Hope that one day we will celebrate tolerance and our

There is clay in my studio, there are orbs to be made, fired, glazed......

I am paralyzed... so much hate- WHY? when religions - as you say - preach
so much suffering today and then.... tomorrow...
we will retaliate.... there will be more destruction, more hate, more
suffering ...
will "one day"... ever come...?

Ursula, since 1971 living in America

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There are probably going to be many responses to todays hapenings. Looking
at the first pictures, I saw destruction and hatred; reflecting I see
religious intolerance as the probable root cause. I know not all religious
people are intollerant BUT religions are basically intollerant. Jew fighting
Arabs in Isarael, Catholics fighting Protestants in Ireland, Hindus fighting
Budahist in India and Pakestan, Croate fighting Serbs and Moslems in
Yugoslavia and yet ever one of these religions preach tolerance! Why this
intollerance between those that believe abortion is appropriate and those
whose religious beliefs are different? Why this intollerance for those who
believe in stem cell research and cloning and those whose religious belief
are apposed? Lets agree we can have different views and not kill one
another. Pax on all of them. I watched for about an hour and I decided to
react positively. I wanted to create. I made several lovely covered jars.
Thank God [if there is one] for the creators, the lovers and the tolerant.
Tom Sawyer