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unwanted clay - a solution

updated wed 12 sep 01


Pam Easley on mon 10 sep 01

For those of you who have some clay, and other materials for that matter,
they don’t want, can’t use, etc. why not try Kelly’s Potterbarter? We’ve all
got stuff sitting around the studio taking up space, collecting dust.

Lots of stuff coming and going there. Might make a great trade! And fun to
read. I get it in Digest form, maybe 3 to 5 a day. Won’t clog up your email
system. Gets you thinking about what to get rid of, what to barter for.
Everything from books/music on tape to stains, oxides, truck tires,
wheels…….you name it.

Go to

We are such a great group! Look at all the info we share, ingenuity we
display, comfort we give, lives we share. I love it! A real community here.
I really think I know so many of you – all our personalities come out sooner
or later, and there are times I’m sitting here laughing out loud. Just wish
I could connect a regional accent with so many of you. Maybe we could rig up
a conference call with a couple hundred or so, and each one of us could just
say a sentence or two. One of these days……has anyone had decent experience
with the phone via the computer?

Oh, it’s been a hell of a week. Won’t go into it, as the sleuths may be
listening in, but don’t want another one like it. Need to focus myself and
get to the clay. Centering clay helps in more ways than one.

Pam in Seattle