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searching for cxc

updated thu 20 sep 01


Patti Kratzke on wed 19 sep 01

Anyone in the Seattle (or western Washington) area selling a wheel,
please e-mail me. I'd like a CXC, but would consider other qualified
candidates just to get my hands on a wheel. I'm going through
withdrawal, and getting tired of hand-building (learning a lot, but it's
getting old!). I've been told there are used wheels all over the place,
if I'd just look. Like they're falling out the sky. Well, I've been
looking for over a year - papers, word of mouth, annoying anyone I talk
to about it - and nada. So anyone who with info on a homeless wheel, let
me know! (Patti Kratzke, Kingston, WA)
p.s. - I don't know if Tony's in or near Washington state, but if he is
within pick-up distance, he would have first dibs.
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