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wanted: 3 phasic electricity connection diagram

updated sun 23 sep 01


Erik Buitenhuis on sat 22 sep 01

Hi all,

Could anyone give me a connection diagram for connecting 3 phases to an oven with 6 coils, and a four-level(meaning that you can connect 4 phases to it) four-way switch (The swith has two positions in which none of the 3 connectors are connected (at least not on the same level), one position in which at each level connectors 1 are connected to connectors 2 and one position in which connectors 2 are connected to connectors 3). It would be nice if it could be connected in such a way that it can heat both at partial and full power.

Here is some of the background
Someone who stopped making ceramics gave me a home built 3 phasic electrical oven with inner dimensions of 35 cm (about 1 foot?). The phases are connected in a Y like this:
R switch T
coil 5> S
,where R, S and T stand for the three phases. As you can see there is no Null, that's fine with me, but only one of the phases is switched, and even though the oven has a sophisticated four-way switch which says Full, Half, Off, Off, the one phase is only connected in one way.
The switch looks like this
A1 A2 A3
B1 B2 B3
C1 Tout-C2 C3-Tin
D1 D2 D3 (D1 is connected to D3)

(Well, there are some different lables on the connectors, but they are hard to read)
At position Full, A1 is connected to A2, B1 to B2 etc.
At position Half, A2 is connected to A3, B2 to B3 etc.
At the very least this means that it can't go at half power, but in fact I don't trust it enough to try it out at all.

Please reply to as I don't read the day to day messages. I think the archives are a great resource, but I couldn't find the information I am looking for there.

Thank you,
Erik Buitenhuis,
Jena, Deutschland, Europa.


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