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glaze chemistry equations wanted/ kilnvisor news

updated wed 3 oct 01


Jonathan Pennington on sun 30 sep 01

Is there a book or webpage with all the relavant equations necessary to
calculate glazes? Specifically, how to determine and manipulate unity
analysis, volumetrics, etc. I could look all this stuff up and figure it
out given time, I was just trying to find a single reference. Thanks.

About KilnVisor. Sorry, I haven't updated the palm software because I'm
moving to an iPAQ pocketPC running Linux for my own use. I'm rewriting the
software to run on that, and it will therefore run on a standard PC
(Windows, Mac and Unix). I have to write some other software first that's
taking priority, but will try to get a binary of KilnVisorPC out soon. One
of the programs I'm writing is a chemistry application with formula
manipulation and a periodic table- hopefully some of this will serve as the
backend to the GlazeVisor package.

If there's suddenly a bunch of people using KilnVisor-Palm who are adamant
about not moving to a PC version- I'll try to update that program a bit if
there's time.

Jonathan Pennington |

"It's hard to take life too seriously
when you realize yours is a joke." -me