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looking for pedistals!

updated wed 3 oct 01


Dave Eickholt on tue 2 oct 01

Am doing an indoor show this December and am looking for durable easy to use
and store [fold up] pedestals that are classy looking. My present set up
works great for out doors but lacks the look of high end pottery or special
pottery. Would like any input from people who have pedestals and how they
like them and where they got them thanks in advance Dave

Dale Neese on tue 2 oct 01

try making your own using tall cardboard boxes. I saw some used this way and
you couldn't really tell that they were made from cardboard boxes. First
obtain some plain sturdy cardboard boxes, the square, tall ones that you can
cut down if needed. Make from thin plywood, square tops with a small lip to
fit over the top of the box tightly. Spray paint the whole pedestal the
color of your choice. Some cardboard boxes come in an off white finish and
are a little more expensive. They fold and can be easily carried in your
vehicle. The downside of these pedestals are the chance that you may have to
protect them from moisture and rain during an outdoor event. And of course
you can't place a too heavy number of pots on them. They are quick and
cheap. The other option is to make wooden pedestals that stack inside of one
another to save room. When it comes to loading pedestals or pots I will make
room for the pots.
Dale Tex

Marie Gibbons on tue 2 oct 01

I recently made a bunch of pedestals for a show, I used birch ply wood...
very light weight, and pretty looking wood... I painted mine, but I could see
them looking very nice in a light stain and left wood colored. If you make
your pedestals in stacked sizes you can store them within each other.

marie gibbons