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looking for people to help with a tile memorial for sept. 11th in ny,

updated wed 10 oct 01


Craig Fulladosa on tue 9 oct 01

DC, Penn

Dear Red Cross,
I am a potter and belong to a large active pottery listserv online. I
have posed the idea to our very active and professional group of pros
and amateur clayworkers to create tiles in memory of those lost on Sept.
11th that could be set for some type of memorial in NY and/or Washington
D.C. and/or Pennsylvania. I have just intitiated the idea and it looks
like there could be a lot of support and help to do this. What I would
like from you is a connection or referral to an agency that I could
speak with via telephone, email or fax that could give us information
about the details, needs and requirements for such a project. I know of
something similar being done in Europe, however it is not for a memorial
but for Art's Sake. I am the person initiating this idea but will
probably look for others more capable to help with the logistics. Please
let me know ASAP. Thanks.
God Bless America.

So far I am speaking only as an individual and not for my group. I need
some information on who to speak with about this and whether any of
these places would welcome the project.

The Clayman