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updated thu 29 nov 01


David and Hani on wed 28 nov 01

could someone please advise about cutting a lid fronm a legged,
spherical or oval hollowed shape or a thrown, upside down pot with a
slab bottom i have made some great shpaes, only to butcher them in the
attempt to cut off lids. .thanks.hani

Dannon Rhudy on wed 28 nov 01

Hani said:

>could someone please advise about cutting a lid
.... have made some great shpaes, only to butcher them in the
>attempt to cut off lids. .

It is best to cut the lid when the piece is soft-leather
hard. For curved shapes, use any circular object to mark
a circle for your
lid (they are easiest to start with). Then, use another
circle (perhaps a coin or small lid) to make a key or
keys on the lid shape. The lid will only fit in one
way, so you may as well make that way obvious. Use an
exacto knife or other very thin-bladed knife to cut the
lid. Cut at a 45 degree angle, or thereabouts, so that
the lid does not fall into the pot as it shrinks & dries
and is fired. Make your cuts as smoothly as you can. Like
anything else, this takes some practice. So - pull up some
cylinders, let them get to varying degrees of hardness, and
cut lids from the curved side of the cylinder, to practice.
Make square, oval or half-round notches to work for keys.
It won't take too many for you to have it figured out.

For box, flat-sided shapes, cut the lid at a 45 degree angle
on the sides of the box, make a key on one side so that the
lid can be seated easily. Avoid jigsaw-puzzle shapes, keep
curves soft and broad, work the lid cut into the pot design
when possible.


Dannon Rhudy

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