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looking for an apprenticeship/residency

updated sun 6 jan 02


Jones Pottery on sat 5 jan 02

Hello Clayarters,

My name is Chris Jones and I am looking for some new direction and =
experience. My introduction to clay began as a child but actually =
started about 10 years ago with a couple of pottery calsses at a local =
college. From there I loosely apprenticed with a good potter in Florida =
where I still live. I learned alot there and have been honing my skills =
for the past 3 years or so. Now I am looking to broaden my experience. =
If any one here is looking for an assistant or resident help, please =
consider me. I have my own transportation and am more than willing to =
move out of state. I am what I consider an intermediate =
thrower/handbuilder and have extensive experience in a working studio. =
For examples of my recent work, check oput my web site at = . I just recieved the latest Creamics Monthly and =
am checking out the listings I found in there, but most require a BFA or =
better. Any info will be appreciated.

Thank you, Chris Jones

***in "sunny and warm" FL where the ice is now forming around the =
sprinkler I nailed to a tree making a winter (like) wonderland in my =
back yard........