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looking for engobe recipies/tips on ^10 gas firing

updated tue 5 mar 02


Juliana Arriaran on mon 4 mar 02

Need engobe recipes for a bisque fired sculpture, cone 9-10 clay body (
Rod's Bod). Looking for dependable engobe recipe's, that would fit a range
of ^ 5 thru ^ 9-10 glaze.
I share a studio space where there is an abundance of ^ 10 Rod's Bod to
recycle and used what was available to me for an experiential workshop...
originally the plan being, to return the clay back to the clay barrel upon
completion of a group sculpture.
Everyone got so excited by their creation that the group asked to fire it,
and... want another session to glaze and install the piece( in the lobby of
the building they work in). Well, so much for process, now it has to be
wonderful...even more wonderful. I believe the key to it's "wonder" is that
while they worked on it they "thought" it was process...anyway, I said
yes...and by doing so, I committed all of us to work more on this one.
Me first, by evaluating whether to push this piece up to a gas fired ^10
(which would probably be beautiful) ...or stay safe at ^5 and put less
stress on the sculpture. The piece looks/feels sturdy... is about 2.5 ft in
scale x1.5 wide x 1ft. deep. I keep rationalizing Rod's Bod is not that
temperamental but, I just feel hesitant to risk something that almost 20
people participated in making. At the risk of sounding inexperienced which I
am in high there a gentle firing approach to ^10.
I would welcome any comments that come from experience in firing a sculpture
to ^9-10.
I work sculpturally and rarely go that high with my work.
I have read clay arts posts for over two years and this is the first post I
have made. Thank you for the wonderful resource.

Juliana Arriaran