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looking into converting a furnace to a gas kiln... need advice

updated thu 7 mar 02


Bev Lev on wed 6 mar 02

I am way in over my head with this question, and at the risk of seeming
stupid, I'll throw it out anyways. My studio is located in an old industrial
complex built @1850. It has 2 huge gas furnaces which were working until the
gas company came along and provided a grant to convert to a new system. So
now, although they are not in service they are still in theory usable..
I had the idea of exploring whether or not it would be possible to convert
one of them to a gas kiln. Each furnace is pretty huge.. ie. about 10 - 12
feet high. I have yet to open the door and check the inside of the cavity.

Am I completely nuts? or is this an idea worth pursuing and if so... any
suggestions of where to turn for help? If it is feasable I could see turning
this into quite a project....... If it would be helpful I could take some
digital photos.

as always... i love the wisdom i find on clayart and look forward to the
perplexed replies i anticipate getting... p.s. if you think i'm nuts...
please don't hesitate to tell me so

thank you all