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installing an electric kiln in the garage: advice

updated sat 9 mar 02


Martin Rice on fri 8 mar 02


Stephen J Lewicki


"Where should I put my kiln?
Your kiln should be in a covered enclosed space."

My question is, must it be enclosed? I'm awaiting arrival of my electric
kiln now. I had been planning to put it on a covered outside terrace. It
will be far enough away from the nearest wall, it's on angle iron legs and
will be about a foot above the ceramic tile floor it's on, and it will be
about 5 to 6 feet below a wooden roof. It will not be subject to rain. The
average ambient temperature year around is about 85 degrees F. So is there
any additional reason it should be in an enclosed space? I could put it in
our garage if necessary.

Lagunas de Barú, Costa Rica