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looking for used kiln, wheel and slab roller

updated tue 12 mar 02


April on mon 11 mar 02

Hello, all!
I just graduated in Dec. and am building a studio in my back yard. I need
to outfit it with used equipment that is in good condition as my budget does
not allow for new items. I'm not looking for a "steal" on a kiln, wheel and
slab roller and will pay a decent price, but need to keep my opening costs
down in order to stay in business for the long run. I live in Houston and
can buy items as far away as Dallas, but need to see pics. and get more info
before traveling to check out the items. My needs:

1 electric kiln, med-large in size as I will be firing some things up to 18
inches in height. Must be in good working order with even firing and fire
up to cone 10.
1 electric wheel, in very good condition.
1 slab roller with table - Bailey or Northstar, prefer 30" width on table.

Please write to me at and let me know if you are aware
of anything that might help. I've checked out Ebay and may have a
lead on a wheel, but most shipping costs prevent me from shopping with
them. Thanks in advance for taking the time to read and respond to this