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advice on starting out-long!

updated sat 30 mar 02 on fri 29 mar 02

Hi Kristin,
I was in your position seven or eight years ago, full of enthusiasm but not
quite sure how to go about putting one foot in front of the other.My luck
held as I was offered a job in a commercial pottery throwing domestic
ware.The pay wasn't fantastic(I got 15% of the wholesale price for the items
that I threw)but the training was out of this world.I thought of it as being
paid(albeit poorly)to be trained in pottery.Not only did my throwing improve
immeasureably(suddenly I was having to throw 100 mugs that all looked the
same)but I was picking up all sorts of other information that was never
taught at college. After 4 years of that and doing my own thing(which isn't
domestic ware)in my own workshop I felt confident enough to go out on my
own(nearly 2 years now).Another advantage was that I managed to finish
building my kiln and collect all the other stuff that I would need without
the pressure of making and selling my own pots with a loan hanging over my
head. So, if you can sell yourself as a thrower(and you don't have to be
fantastic, I was hopeless)and be prepared to take minimal wages, I heartily
recommend the route that was dumped in my lap.
Good luck,