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aids to dividing (was: looking for "ez vide")

updated tue 30 apr 02


Janet Kaiser on mon 29 apr 02

If you don't want to make your own using those rusty geometry skills
you learned at school... Got a Tupperware friend or a kitchen
equipment supply nearby? There are "thingies" for cakes... Divide into
however many portions you fancy. Put your pot on top and they help you
develop your own ability -- as described by Vince. It is sometimes
worth noting, that the "slightly off" look is the most endearing part
of hand-decorated pots. Saves them from looking machine-made and/or
factory decorated.

Geometrically speaking, using a compass: measure from pencil to
compass tip and draw a circle. Using the same radius, mark off around
the circumference... DooDee... A Senior Moment... Don't remember and
my very old school compass is in The Chapel. Hum... Is it five equal
parts? Anyway, you can play around with it...

Janet Kaiser -- Just found my Accountant husband never did geometry!!
Ha! And I am supposed to be the Mathematically Idiot around here...
Twenty years together and I never knew that about him... A
mathematical blemish! It has made my day! :-)
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