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looking for used tile press,books,wheel for student also bamboo

updated mon 13 may 02


Working Potter on sun 12 may 02

shelter plans

I have 3 students in the early 20's who each aspire to be professional
potters and I am trying to find them used stuff as all three have very
limited funds[2 have infants at home and ,one , just getting basics for
child is a stretch] and are quite dedicated and I am wondering if anyone
has ceramics magazines, books, a tile press and a used wheel and any other
useful tools real inexpensive to sell in the southeast that they could use
to get started [I am helping them out in exchange for some studio cleaning
now and will purchase this stuff also if they can't afford these].They come
to my studio to learn but need some stuff to work inbetween lessons at
I am also wondering if anyone knows where I can find plans for them to
a simple pottery shelter at home out of large bamboo that I could supply
them to use to make one in a warm climate[SC].