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fw: booth design and advice

updated fri 28 jun 02


David Dahlquist on thu 27 jun 02

I just started marketing this year and recently invested in my booth.
Definitely avoid taking up too much floor space with display material.
People do not want to walk into it if there isn't a lot of room. I used
normal office fold up tables, I found at Office Depot. I used three in a u
shape, and then three tier pine shelves on top. Two shelving units sit on
top of each table. The shelves are open and pretty attractive. BUT, the
tables are too wide. The foot print they make takes up all the room. So I
was able to find skinnier versions of the same tables and a liquidators. I
think they are 18" wide instead of like 3 feet. It is now much better. But,
if I had to do it over again, and I will next year, I would have bought the
wire mesh screens that you hang stuff on. I saw a potter last weekend that
had them full booth height and situated like a screen (zigzag), and had
corner shelves in the folds. She had them through out her booth. It made
for a very open display and it looked really good. I think next time I will
buy enough of the screen to go full booth height, and length on three sides
and use the accessories to make shelves, hang sales info, etc. It will be a
very open floor plan. Light and airy. You can get feet for the screens that
will support it and keep it from tipping, also I believe if attached to the
canopy top it could help weigh it down from the wind, but Im not sure about
that yet. Also I found I get more traffic when I sit in back of booth verses
sitting in the front.
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From: "Lois Ruben Aronow"
Sent: Wednesday, June 26, 2002 4:57 PM
Subject: Booth design and advice
> SO -- can anyone offer suggestions on what works, as well as what
> DOESN'T work? Where do I find photos or sketches of floor plans?
> What works as knockdown shelving and what doesn't?
> I'm doing my next show in September. I'm really pleased with my new
> work, and want my booth to reflect that. Unfortunately, I'm so new at
> this!