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looking for workshops in central us

updated wed 31 jul 02


Wendy Peck new on mon 29 jul 02


I have been happily lurking for several months now, drinking in the
knowledge from this list. Unlike when I joined, some of your words are
actually making sense now. I live in Canada, directly north of the MN/ND

By trade, I am a Web designer and author. By obsession, learning everything
I can about working with clay. My profession provides me with a lot of
freedom to travel, and I like to take workshops as I wander.

Problem: It's hard to find weekend workshops (or week-long if really good)
even with the Web to scout them out. Is there a US directory of workshops? I
spend most of my time in the center of the US, although I will travel just
about anywhere if the topic and setting is right. I've noticed a lot of
Canadians on the list, and would love to tap into Canadian listings as well,
though my wanderings usually take me south.

Specific problem: I am putting together an extended road trip in October. I
will be in Arkansas for a week, likely traveling through Missouri on the way
down. After Arkansas, I am likely heading south through Louisiana, to the
Gulf Coast in Alabama, and back through Indiana, Wisconsin, etc.

Does anyone know of any workshops anywhere close to this route in October? I
am so new that almost subject is appropriate, as long as it is beyond basic
building or firing. I am still finding "where I belong" in this
endless-possibilities craft. Specific focus, i.e., pit firing, altering
thrown work, surface decoration, etc, are my favourite. I am certainly
willing to go off my planned track by a significant number of miles if the
workshop warrants.

I appreciate any assistance you can offer.


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karen gringhuis on tue 30 jul 02

Wendy -

If exploring glaze interests you, contact Ian Currie
for locations of his Fall 2002 workshop tour of the
US. One is near Chicago.


If this address doesn't work, he's a regular
contributor to ClayArt, so ck the archives.

Also ck Ceramics Monthly Calendar column and their
Classified Ads. Ck Calendar in American Craft

Karen Gringhuis
KG Pottery
Box 607 Alfred NY 14802

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