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looking for an assistant position in ireland, oct 2002- feb 2003

updated mon 16 sep 02


Morgan Kanninen on sat 14 sep 02

I am a hard working university student who will be in Ireland for the winter there and New Zealand for winter in the Southen Hemisphere. I would like to assist a potter or sculptor in those countries while I'm on a planned education leave from UC Davis. I am looking for a position where I can help an artist with whatever they may need (both in production and distribution sides of the trade, wedging and selling alike) in return for room, board, instruction, and use of facilities. I understand that pay would be little, and I would hope to be able to get a second job (probably in a pub or the like) if necessary.

I have studied ceramics for two years (one in a high school course, another indepedently at the UC Davis Craft Center), and I have spent the summer in accounts payable for a roofing company, so I could help a professional artist in the studio, an office, or gallery. I enjoy working with people and I am very willing to work hard for good experiences.

If you know anyone who may be interested in an assitant in either country (note that it would be over the holiday season in Ireland), or has any advice, please reply!

The dates are as follows:

I'll be in Ireland with a temporary work permit for 4 months, from 10 October to 20 February, and then I'll see Europe while I'm near.
I return home for a bit and then I'm am to be off to New Zealand for 5 months or so starting late April.
It's exciting... as long as I think I can be doing more than office work!

Thank you for any help you can offer!

Morgan Kanninen

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