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good advice

updated fri 11 oct 02


artimater on thu 10 oct 02

Kelly wrote:
I'm all for the artimator breathalyzer and will be sending my
chocolate money along to David. Somebody give Arti a million dollars,
would ya? The old, starving artist, everybody-else-got-a-rich-daddy
blues is getting a little worn... we need to prove to him that he would
be just as obscure and miserable if he was rich... maybe get some new
lyrics to those well worn blues... Arti, I grew up with somebody who did
the jekyl-and-hyde routine too, generally the secret potion involved
expensive scotch. Seems like you're getting some good advice from the
been-there-done-that crowd...

Who the hell thinks I am obscure?...Yahoo sure doesn't...I am "Out =
There" enough that you and a bunch of others feel the need to correct =
me....give me "Good Advice"...As in "Everybody knows, this is good =
advice" -John Lee Hooker(?)....Seems I have a little trouble toeing the =
party line and kissing all the right places but I am hardly =
miserable(you wish...I would be just as happy if I was =
richHOHOHOHO)....None of you have been where I have been, and none of =
you have done what I have done...Perhaps you should become clergy and =
preach to the sheep who need guidance....I don't...I spend alot of =
effort and time negating the influence of those "I have money so I am =
right" types...I will hold my breath waiting for that cool million to =
arrive from one of youHEHEHE....Kelly, you would have had more responce =
if you had asked..."Who wants Arti to send them some money?"....All that =
collected cash will not do any of you any milage on the road to making =
meaningful art....Try begging for your food....Then you might see...
I haven't been trashing Otto for grabbing the offered cash...I have =
been laughing at all of you whose eyes get big when you see that =
$25000....and then think...."Maybe I can raise my price to $12 for that =
mug"...Some of you should buy a little dignity.....
AND jekyl and hyde my ass...It never ceases to amaze me how people =
will try to feed me a platter full of crap and then be amazed that I =
refuse to eat...
"I only indulge when I've seen a snake, so I keep a supply of =
indulgences and snakes handy"
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