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looking for mud hen

updated wed 30 oct 02


Roger Graham on wed 30 oct 02

Several weeks ago (October 3rd) there was a posting from "Mud Hen":

"I have the opportunity to spend 3 weeks in NZ this Christmas and am looking
for some potters to visit, great galleries, etc. We will be staying just
outside of Aukland, but doing some travelling. Please let me know if you
know of any interesting places to visit."

I've gone to some trouble to obtain recent craft trail leaflets from a
friendly NZ
potter who gave good advice when wife and self, both potters, travelled
there three years ago. Lots of lovely pots and interesting people. Intention
was to snail-mail the leaflets on to Mud Hen, but no success contacting off
Where are you, Mud Hen? Or does anybody else know?

Roger Graham, near Gerringong, Australia