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looking for wood / salt glazes to test

updated thu 28 nov 02


Tom Herndon on tue 26 nov 02


There's a new kiln in town. Two chamber cantinary arch noborigama style kiln. Firing it with kiln dried scrap & salting the second chamber. Fires pretty fast. Ash build up is minimal.

I'm looking for Cone 10-11, wood & salt glazes to test. Wouldn't mind a little wading & clay body testing, either. Any suggestions, key words, leads, etc., will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for being an excellent resource for those of us just starting out,
Tom Herndon

June Perry on wed 27 nov 02

Tom, go to my web site:

Shambhala Pottery

Just follow the links at the bottom of the home page. I have pictures and
recipes for soda/salt slip and glazes.

June Perry