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looking for winet workshops - anywhere!

updated sat 7 dec 02


Lois Ruben Aronow on fri 6 dec 02

=46ate has smiled on my friend and I, and we are the holders to 2 plane
tickets for practically anywhere in the world to be used in
=46eb/March. (Payback for her husband traveling on business

SO - being potters, we are looking for an interesting workshop either
in the US or abroad. Are styles differ - she makes tiles in the
Moravian style and hand builds, and I throw porcelain. So our only
requirement is that the teacher is interesting and we'll learn alot
about our own work.

Suggestions anyone? We'd prefer the US or Europe.
Lois Ruben Aronow

=46ine Craft Porcelain

Dannon Rhudy on fri 6 dec 02

Lois, check in the back of CM - they list upcoming
workshops there. Should be a bunch about then.
Plus, I believe that there will be several surrounding
NCECA, and they will be in CA, no doubt.


Dannon Rhudy