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looking for a discontinued mason stain - can you help?

updated tue 17 dec 02


Lois Ruben Aronow on mon 16 dec 02

I am reporting this, as it seems to have gotten lost in the computer

I am looking for a discontinued Mason stain. The name of it is
"Copper", and, though I don't know the exact number (but can find it
out) it ends in "B". It used to be a Baldwin stain, but was
discontinued when Mason bought out Baldwin. And yes, it's a shade of
blue (almost cerulean, sort of like Bermuda, but richer).

My studio mate bought up the last bit of it from Mason, so it's
unlikely they'd have any. So i thought, maybe some Clayarters have
some they're not using and would like to sell me.

If you do, please contact me off-list. I'm happy to pay for it, as
well as shipping and handling.

Lois Ruben Aronow

=46ine Craft Porcelain