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wanted: test kiln construction plans

updated sun 22 dec 02


Roger Korn on fri 20 dec 02

Hi John,

Several years ago I built a 9 x 9 x 9 test kiln for 120V/20A. It is down
at Arkysanto, my AZ place, but I'm up in OR 'til New Years. Drop me a
line after the 1st and I'll send pix and a part list. I used a
Robertshaw Infinite heat controller and wound the elements myself. The
bricks were K26 IFBs, backed with 2" of fiber and a metal case. I cut
the grooves with a ball-shaped rotary rasp bit running through slots cut
with a masonry blade. Wore out the $2.95 bit, but it did the job. Works
like a dream.


John Rodgers wrote:

> .... So, are there plans out there for making one?...
> John Rodgers
> Birmingham, AL

Roger Korn
McKay Creek Ceramics
In AZ: PO Box 463
4215 Culpepper Ranch Rd
Rimrock, AZ 86335
In OR: PO Box 436
31330 NW Pacific Ave.
North Plains, OR 97133
503-647-5464 <-'til the 1st

John Rodgers on fri 20 dec 02

I have seen many requests over time for test kilns. I have books on
building fuel fired kilns. But I have never seen anything on making an
electric test kiln. So, are there plans out there for making one? I have
infinity switches, I have some coils, but how can the be assembled
matching the power requirements of the coils to the switches, and
balancing the electrical load. Waht about building the case for the kiln
... bricks, outer shell, grooves for coils etc. If an electronic
controller that is fully functional can be a money saving hoebult
project, why can't making a test kiln be a cost effective homebuilt project.

I'm game. If anyone has as instruction set, please let me know.


John Rodgers
Birmingham, AL