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wanted: lara andreson ceramics

updated tue 14 jan 03


Chris Rupp on thu 26 dec 02

Hello Everyone,

I am looking to purchase a piece of ceramic created by LARA ANDRESON. If you
own a piece you would be interested in selling, or if you know someone who
has a piece they might like to sell, email me privately and lets talk.

Thank you for your time,

Chris Rupp
in Sunny Santa Barbara.

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Joanne S. Perrot on sun 12 jan 03

Hi Chris,

I like Lara Andresons work too. I remember being delighted to see two of her
pieces at the Long Beach Art Museum, which has a fine collection of ceramics.
Have you been there?

My husband and I will be at NCECA and then in Santa Barbara March 24th-28th.
If that time fits into your schedule, we might meet for coffee. Write me off
line at

Joanne Perrot