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clay and glaze combos_advice wanted

updated sat 4 jan 03


John Stromnes on fri 3 jan 03

Dear Carla:

I use Sea Mix and Sea Mix with Sand from SPS, and for red i use Pine Lake
Red. They all fire to cone 10, and I have fired them successfully both in
oxidation (electic) and reduction (gas).

Sea mix is also made in a Cone 6 formulation, I believe. I think, but I'm
not sure, that the name is a 'pun' on the famous B Mix from Laguna.

It is a nice white smooth body, excellent for functional ware, but i get
bottom cracks if I tbuild or throw too big a piece _10 gallon crocks, for
example. So if you are making larger ware, you want something a little

I bisque to Cone 05 just because that's what I have always done. Cone 04
works too. Cone 5 is far too hot and hard a bisque for my glazes to stick

Sea Mix is hard to fit for a clear glaze, but I have, with the help of
Clayart colleagues, formulated a clear glaze based on a Rhodes clear that
seems not to craze. Standard opaque glazes, many of which have been
published on this list, go on fine and don't seem to craze or cause other
problems. If you decide to import Sea Mix, contact me and I'll share my
clear recipe.

If you decide to import Sea Mix or other clay from SPS, get the
1,000-pound special, which reduces the price consideirably, and the cost
of shipping is only nominally more. You can mix and match your order of
1,000 pounds of clay.

John Syodo Stromnes

(((((Date: Tue, 31 Dec 2002 20:49:43 -0900
From: Gary and Carla Goldberg
Subject: Clay and Glaze Combos

Hi all - Please bare with me on this question. I have done low fire for =
years and now I want to do high fire (which I know nothing about).=20

Here is my dilemma - I would like to throw and handbuild stoneware to be =
used for cooking that will be fired in my electric kiln. I'm confused =
about getting the right combination of clay and glazes. I know I don't =
want to fire the bisque firing too high, or the glaze will not go on the =
pieces. But how do I know what cone to bisque fire?

For example, if my clay and glaze are to be fired at Cone 8 to 10, =
should my bisque firing be at Cone 5 (wild guess) and after glaze is =
applied, fire to Cone 8 - 10?

I know I need to just try stuff, but I live in Alaska and order my stuff =
from Seattle Pottery since clay purchased locally is pretty expensive =
($13.00/bag). Needless to say, I can't afford to pay several shipments =
of clay via barge ($65.00 a shipment) while I figure out which clay and =
glazes work best.

Any advice? Does anyone have a good combo from Seattle Pottery? =20

Thanks in advance, Carla)))))