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unwanted materials

updated mon 20 jan 03


wynne wilbur on sun 19 jan 03

Hi There,

The recent discussions on uranium have reminded me that I have some unwanted
materials to give away if anyone is interested. Having just taken over a
program from someone who was here for 30 years or so, I inherited a lot of
materials that I just don't need including uranium, some lead (can't
remember off hand exactly what - when I get back to school I'll be more
specific), and a huge amount of barium that I would never use up in the next
30 years. I'm keeping about a hundred pounds of the stuff, but I guess there
are several hundred pounds more stored in a place I have only briefly
visited (it's like a scavenger hunt with stuff tucked away all over
campus!). If you live anywhere Kirksville, Missouri (Northeastern part of
the state) let me know and the stuff is yours for the taking. If you are
very nearby, our campus materials guy indicated that delivery might be

Hope to hear from someone,


Wynne Wilbur
Assistant Professor of Art
Truman State University
Kirksville, Missouri 63501
660 785-4435