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a last word on the search for standard clay mines

updated sat 8 mar 03


Miriam Shelomith on thu 6 mar 03

I would like to thank all who took the time to help me in my quest for
Standard Clay Mines. It has been an interesting journey and the end, the
clay I want in my studio, may or may not happen in the foreseeable future.
The phone number for Standard Clay Mines is: 1-609-466-2986.

They are sending me out a catalogue. However, the two clays that I am most
interested in are not presently in production because of a lack of raw
materials. No time line on when those, un-named, materials will be
available for production.

A special thanks to Dan Kijak at Sculpture House/Plastermaster for his
humor, emails, phone calls and information on Standard Clay Mines and
alternative sources for clay bodies.
Dan Kijak
Plaster Master

Thanks everyone!
miriam where summer is here with 80+ temps, 150% humidity and mosquitoes
faster than a speeding bullet