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scanning transparencies-- address change for me

updated tue 11 mar 03


Bill Aycock on sun 9 mar 03

At 01:53 PM 3/8/2003 -0500, you wrote:

>I would like to scan 4 X 5 inch transparencies of my pots and
>digitize them for recording on a disk.

Sorry this answer is late- I have had lots of address changes.
The scanner we use is a Visioneer One touch, model 8820 USB. this is the
second Visioneer we have used, and we have had no problems . The scanner
handles both opaque and transparent material, with a back-light to get the
transparencies. With the software features, we have made positive prints
from negatives. The price was so low that we were apprehensive, but the
performance has been very good.

General note to the list- I overcame bad phone line problems by going
satellite-- Whoops !! see the address change in the header.

Bill Aycock - W4BSG
Woodville, Alabama