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advice needed for group open studio/holiday event

updated mon 24 mar 03


wshirley1 on sun 23 mar 03

Hello everybody.

We have just started a loosely organized group of potters in our local
area. Our ultimate goal is to promote ourselves as potters and to
stimulate the appreciation of pottery and potters within our area.

We have decided to start a yearly group open studio and holiday sale,
where we would each open our studios and have a map or flyer that would
list everyone's addresses. We're planning on a two-day event on a
weekend sometime before Christmas. We know that it will take several
years to really get it going, but we're hoping to eventually make this a
nice event that people will anticipate each year. I would like to ask
for advice from those of you with experience in this kind of promotion.

1. What kind of advertising did you use?
2. If you used a flyer, how did you distribute it?
3. How many artists did you start with?
4. What kind of response did you have, and did it grow over the years?
5. Did you limit the participants to just potters/sculptors/clay
people, or were other art forms included?
6. When did you schedule the show/sale in relation to the holidays?
October? November? December?
7. Did any schools or art classes participate?

Any other advice is certainly welcome. Thanks for your help.

Sylvia Shirley
Pittsburg, Kansas