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looking for the prgrmer of software named ceramics

updated thu 3 apr 03


Donald Burroughs on wed 2 apr 03

Hello people
In 1987 I purchased one of the earliest ceramic glaze calculation programs
to come on the market.I had ordered it via an ad in Ceramics Monthly. The
name of the program was simply "Ceramics" by a company named Dragonsoft. It
was written in Turbo Pascal Ver. 3.01A. In the documentation that
accompanied the software some record descriptions were given for
programmers which means the program could be modified to more current
standards, no? The original mailing address was out of Texas, specifically
P.O. Box 91 Santo, TX 76472. Are you still out there and if so are you on
the list? Looking forward to hearing from you.Were there modifications or
upgrades made between 1987 and now?
Sincerely, Donald Burroughs