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looking for a lost contacts

updated thu 8 may 03


Bonnie Staffel on wed 7 may 03

Dear Clayarters,

You are so varied in who you know I am asking for help for this. I was out
of town and using a friend's computer to access my email. Corresponded with
Larry Manning from I believe the Alabama or Southern Conference
organization. I was mistaken in my thinking that my emails would also be on
my computer at home. However, felt that I should delete my correspondence
from his computer. Disaster!!! my emails were not on my home computer. If
anyone knows this nice fellow, please contact him or me so that we can get
our mail going again.

I also have another person I am looking for. Her name is Susan from Alaska
who wrote to me about spending some workshop time with me this summer.
Sorry I cannot remember her last name.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Regards, Bonnie Staffel from Charlevoix