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fw: re: wierd wacky ideas wanted

updated fri 9 may 03


Bonnie/Jeremy Hellman on thu 8 may 03

Hi Sam,

How about having people make tiles to send to Janet's Chapel of Art? You
could have clay and glazes suitable for once-firing, so the maker could do


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From: "suze"
Sent: Thursday, May 08, 2003 9:46 AM
Subject: Re: Wierd wacky ideas wanted

> hi sam...
> how about two person throwing - one using their right hand, the other
> using their left. it's really alot of fun. it was also great for photos.
> the two have to work very close together. i've done it with classmates
> so we knew each other's styles pretty well, but it would be interesting
> to try it with people who've never worked together.
> one minute tea bowls is also fun. we did that one night at around
> midnight at a workshop i attended at haystack. got some really funky tea
> bowls!
> suze uttal kosko
> new durham, nh, usa for the time being...
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