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wisconsin pottery: buyers looking for

updated mon 23 jun 03


Carol Baker on sun 22 jun 03

A friend of mine has built a summer home near Eau Claire, Wisconsin. She is
looking for pottery/dinnerware from local artists. The home is architect
designed and Frank Lloyd Wright inspired. The owner is an artist with discerning
taste and is looking for first class work.

If you have pottery that might fit this description, please contact me off
list. If you have a web site or somewhere on-line that we could view the work
that would be great. If you only have a brochure, give me an address and phone
number and I'll have her contact you.

I'm assuming there are many of you with great work that she would want to
see, so I am only going to pass on the contact info and not reply to you
personally. I do look forward to seeing your work in her home.

Thanks for the help-
Carol Baker
Scottsdale, Arizona