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dr. weil and good advice for potters - was.....&c.

updated tue 8 jul 03


pdp1@EARTHLINK.NET on mon 7 jul 03

Okay Lee...




This just so totally took all the spunk out of the whole
thing here...
It just hit the doldrums like those poor old Spaniards did
back when...
I can feel them sargasso weeds rubbin' an' seethin' and
surgin' slowmotion softe again' the barnacled Hull as we
drift a whole lot of nowhere, and slowly too, with slack
Cloth above...but at least in this round the Horses are
gonna make out alright...they got plenty of Oats as keep
well...and we'll have enough time for them to learn
Arithmetic like ol' Mr. Ed did...maybe they could learn to
do 'Cartwheels' even, or some old scatman Cruthers moves by
the time we get anywhere...I will say they are getting a
mite wan and drowsey already.

Well...I think I'll just snack on some Collard Greens and a
store-bought-tomatee, and read some back issues of the
Theososophical Quarterly from eighteen-eighty-something and
be imaging old 'Jack' havin' a little pep-talk with Dr. Weil
(who I have sent back in time of course) on the
tuh-backee-stained stone steps of her lodges in cheery old
New York back when...

Don't worry...

I'll see to it he makes out "okay"...

And no one will ask him to 'swim'. Chauncey Gardner hath say'd..

"All is well in the Garden."



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> Here are some practical things, (some I've taken from
Weil's first book)
> that can help keep us healthy. I find them especially
useful in adjusting to
> my new life as a full-time potter:
> I start my day in the workshop, first by
sprinkling the cement floor and
> then carefully sweeps (so as not to kick up dust.) In
Japan, you'll often
> find that the public restrooms are left with a wet floor.
I think this is
> related to Shinto "purification" rites.

> After I clean the floor, I do zazen (zen mediation.)
Sometimes, I only
> meditate for 5 minutes, but even this short amount of time
seems to help set the
> tone of my day.

> Also, in many restrooms here in Japan, at least in
the Kansai, you'll
> find cut flowers. I noticed this on my first return to
Japan, back in 1993.
> Weil recommends having cut flowers in your home too.
Somehow, the care an
> presence of the flowers are settling.

> In Weil's first book, he recommends "News
rationing." This is
> especially important during crisis when we all seem to be
glue to he tube,
> trying to find out what is going to happen next. It
also seems better to get
> news off of public radio than it is off the T.V. and even
better to get it in
> print. It is easy for the media and White House to
manipulate us with images.

> Walking is one of the best exercises you can do.
In Weil's first book,
> he gives a practical schedual for folks to follow, which
is especially helpful
> if you are sedintary and not used to walking. I believe
that walking is very
> important for folks that do a lot of throwing on the
wheel. It helps keep your
> back and joints healthy.

> I've taken vitamine E for my joints since working
at UPS during college.
> I've also taken asprin for the same reason. Now, I take
one asprin a day to
> prevent heart disease, stroke and cancer.

> Don't take Asprin and vitamine C at
> the same time, they cancel each other's effectivness.
And Weil explains that E
> and C should also be taken at different times (I take C in
the morning and
> Asprin and E at night.) The heart, stroke and blood
pressure benefits of
> Asprin work best at night, during your sleep.

> One of the helpful things I found about Weil's
first book is that it
> isn't just a bunch of stitched together facts and sources
of information. It
> gives you a practical program that helps you gradually
change your lifestyle.

> --
> Lee Love
> Mashiko JAPAN
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