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japan trip need advice

updated sun 13 jul 03


Rob House on fri 11 jul 03

I've seen a couple of pottery towns in Japan; I'd recommend both.

Mashiko = north of Tokyo ~2hrs(1 hr Shinkansen(to Otsunomya)+1 hr on bus)
There's a school there that was run by Hamada.
They let me throw some pots, but watch out for the clockwise wheel.

Bizen = (somewhere between Hiroshima + Osaka)
Wood fired pots everywhere.

PEACE + ENJOY - - - Rob

Richard J Mahaffey on sat 12 jul 03

Most of the Bizen potters are in Imbe in Okayama ken, between Kobe and
Hiroshima. I recall that you have to take a local train from Okayama
station to Imbe. BIzen is farther up the road and the Fujiwara Museum
is there. In Imbe there is a Museum and every-time that I have been
there there was a display in the train station. There are indeed
potters everywhere in Imbe. There is one shop that I like near the
stream (river) about three blocks up hill (very slight incline) from
the main road and to the right when standing in front of the station.
Can't be more specific than that. I have bought something there every
trip since 1982. Got a discount the last time when I mentioned that.

Also Kurashiki is interesting in the area around the river. The area
is an area of old where houses that have been turned into shops and
museums including the Folk Toy Museum and the Ohara Museum, both are
worth seeing, but then I also recommend the Tin Toy Museum in Kyoto if
you are into that sort of thing.

Rick Mahaffey