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updated thu 14 aug 03


Russel Fouts on wed 13 aug 03


>> Tim is a talented potter in his mid twenties. He came to fire with me in 2000, and we have lost touch. Last time I heard from him, he was living on a farm in up-state New York. He makes round vases with skinny necks that flair out at the top. He also worked for Steven Branfman in 1999. If anyone knows where Tim is, please send me some information. >>

You're losing your touch if you're letting all these great sounding men
get a way. ;-)



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Merrie Boerner on wed 13 aug 03

Hi Russel,
you wrote: "You're losing your touch if you're letting all these great
sounding men
get a way. ;-)"......
No way....not me ; ) I can touch their pots every day and enjoy their
presence. When I get no response, that's when I worry.
BTW.....when are YOU coming to fire with me ?!? Let's see......World
traveler, bubbling over with information and enthusiasm, suitcase full of
intricate cups, nice dresser, smooth talker......never looses touch.
Merrie's getting her groove back !

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