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need wiring advice from pole to studio

updated fri 26 sep 03


Gaye Sekula on thu 25 sep 03

My husband is ready to wire my studio and we have a question or two. We can't
seem to find electricians with consistent opinions, so I am turning to you,
the ones with experience in this kind of thing.

We have to go 185 feet from the electric pole. Will #4 wire with a 75 amp
breaker be sufficient or should we go with #2 wire and a 100 amp breaker? The
kiln says 45 amps, but it tripped the 50 amp breaker in my husband's shop. He
has #6 wire. We were told #6 wire would do at 185' but we've already seen that
it's so. We understand that the length the wire has to go has to come into

Please email me personally at

Thank you for your help,