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looking for slip casting recipes for ^10 salt firing?

updated wed 8 oct 03


Daniel Sommerfeld on tue 7 oct 03


Long time reader.
First time poster.

I have been making a small amount of slip cast ware for the past year. I
primarily Salt fire the work with good results.

However, I'm looking for a good slipcasting recipe that can give me a good
orange peel effect that has eluded me with the porcelain recipe that I
like. Over the year I have tried two commercially available products from
Laguna. One is their "speckstone" stoneware which is quite boring in the
salt - just a dull light brown (of course that is just my opinion); and
their other product is "toshi" porcelain which isn't bad, but not as
vibrant white as my porcelain recipe.

If anyone knows of some other commercial ^10 casting slips available I'd be
willing to give it a try?

As I said I'm very happy with my porcelain (other than the cost with the
majority of the recipe being Grolleg), but I want a stoneware recipe that
gives a good orange in the salt.

I am currently trying some variations on the 25/25/25/25 recipe of
Ball/Kaolin/Flint/Custer using XX Sagger and EPK in one and Goldart and EPK
in the other, but I am not holding my breath until I see some results.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you,

Daniel Sommerfeld
By Hand Ceramics