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stoneware tiles -looking for source

updated thu 9 oct 03


Paul Gerhold on wed 8 oct 03

Does anyone out there know of a source for bisqued stoneware tiles. I can
find lots of cone 04 or thereabouts English tiles but so far no stoneware tiles.
Size if possible should be at least 6X6.

Any help will be much appreciated!


George Koller on wed 8 oct 03


sometime back we had a thread on this and a fellow
associated with Tucker clay was ready to ram press
and ship for what I thought was reasonable. found it!
sheldon at artbowl: 905-775-0765. he was ready
to make some common sizes wo charging for mold.

by the by, those english tiles are likely coming through
the northport building where Charley lives. HBD.

6x6 is a nice size - you can just "cut them" off a pug to
get started with a thing that looks like an oversize cheese

george koller
sturgeon bay, wi - door county
northport, mi - leelanau county
two great places separated by 100 miles of great lake..