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beta testers wanted for glazemaster 2.0

updated wed 26 nov 03


John Hesselberth on tue 25 nov 03

Hi Everyone,

Well, it is ready for testing and I am really excited about it. Any=20
Clayart member is welcome to test it, but I would like to know who you=20=

are, what kind of machine you are using, and your operating system (It=20=

runs on Windows 98 through XP, Mac OS 8.6-9.2, and Mac OSX (10.1-10.3).=20=

Send that info to me at and I'll send you the=20=

appropriate link for downloading. Here are some of the improvements and=20=

new features:
- A new area especially for clay body development--designed with lots=20
of input from=97who else=97RR.
- A major new section devoted to analyzing blends including line,=20
triaxial, and Currie grids. It will show you graphically where the=20
areas are within the blend that will meet your needs for silica,=20
alumina, and expansion levels. Particularly useful for functional=20
potters. I'll go out on a limb here and say that I doubt any other=20
glaze calc program will come close to matching this feature anytime=20
soon. It is made much more feasible by having built GlazeMaster into a=20=

relational database shell.
- Room for more ingredients and additives in recipes
- Runs faster, particularly on 2-recipe screens
- Easier to change recipe names and find 'lost' recipes.
- Easy upgrade importing of your recipes and materials from an earlier=20=

- And more....

This will be a free upgrade, if downloaded, for all current owners of=20
GlazeMaster 1.0. Just use the same installation code. If you don't have=20=

an installation code, the beta version of 2.0 will run for 60 days from=20=

your first launch. That gives you plenty of time to check it out over=20
the holidays.

Unlike last time, this time ALL Clayart members are welcome as beta=20
testers. Let me hear from you if you are interested in taking a look.



Hal Mc Whinnie on tue 25 nov 03

yes i am interrested.
I have a windows based compaq
hal mc whinnie

RubiaM&M on tue 25 nov 03

me too
I have a windows 2000. pentium IV 1,8.
rubia moraes- brazil

Hal Mc Whinnie escreveu:

>yes i am interrested.
>I have a windows based compaq
>hal mc whinnie
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