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updated sun 7 dec 03


mel jacobson on sat 6 dec 03

i think that most computer experts will
tell you that putting xp in an old machine
is like putting a 350 hp/v8 hemi in a yugo.

it just should not be done.

win 98 second is a wonderful program
for older machines. i do not use millenium.

you cannot fix computer problems with
new o.s. you have to rid your machine of
crap/then streamline.

many of the machines that i have fixed for friends were just
loaded to the gils with junk...every new software
program that comes along. i just tell folks that
it is easier to just wipe out the hard drive.
start over.

and, that is what i do. dos/format:/s
and away we go.

save to floppies or whatever. then re/install
win 98 second.

another important aspect of software is:
my god, you can get software for 10 bucks.

i just got roxio/xp rated burning software.
$100 value. $12.99. and, it works like a dream.
all of my problems with burning cd's dvd, all of it
is now working just great with this new software.
i can make a music cd in 10 minutes.
i bought a 100 cd-r cd's and am having a blast.
mp3 cannot be far behind for me.
Minnetonka, Minnesota, U.S.A.
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