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young potter needs advice/brass tacks

updated wed 24 dec 03


Jeff Longtin on tue 23 dec 03

Here is the "advice" I would give you.
Start logically.
First, do you have a wheel, do you have a kiln? Do you have a place to
ACTUALLY make pots?
If you can answer yes to all the previous questions move on to the next
Do you have a body of work?
If you do, great, if you don't, GET TO WORK!
If , and when, you do have a body of work, get some pictures made! (I
personally suggest you hire a pro to do it!) Take those photos around to area shops
and see if there is interest. If there is, GREAT, if not, rethink your decision
to, "cast your fate to the wind" at this time!

In addition to approaching local stores I would suggest you start budgeting
for local, depending where you live, craft shows. Plan on entering a few, as
you will probably only be accepted by one or two, and then plan on how you will
actually pay for the materials to produce for those shows. The profit you do,
or don't, generate from those shows will help you to launch your "clay career".

(Personal comment: Even though I thought I had "developed" a market for my
work I hadn't actually developed a means to actually produce it. BIG MISTAKE!)

Develop a means to make your work THEN look for a market. If your work is
good, AND your heart is in the right place, you will succeed. I've worked with
many successful potters and I've known many unsuccessful potters. This is not
brain surgery!

take care

Jeff Longtin