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young potter needs advice-j.peterson

updated sun 28 dec 03


Keisha on fri 26 dec 03

hey jan

i was wonderin about something. did u help right a
book called The Art and Craft of Clay and is Susan
Peterson ur mother??


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Jan L. Peterson on sat 27 dec 03

No, Keisha. Peterson is a married name. I've written nothing so far. But,
thank you. Congrats on your diploma. You go for it. Eventually, they have to just
pout and love you for who you are, because they're are very proud of our work
and their hand in it, whether they say so, or not. He really likes the
respect I get from people, no matter how little my talent is. And, he beams when he
breaks out and does something artistic, or craftsman, and people want more.
Jan, the Alleycat.