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young potter needs advice, my thoughts-chris c

updated wed 31 dec 03


Keisha on tue 30 dec 03

Hey Chris

WOW you have everything planned out. The only plan I
have right now is graduate school. That's all I can
see and want to see now. God bless you and I pray you
don't skip a beat. Take care.

oh and p.s... Chris I think what you said about not
selling your work until it meets your standards is
great. When I was in school, we use to have this
Christmas sale of student art work. I tried to put my
pots in every year but sometimes didn't make it but
this year I did. My pots didn't sale well. I did sale
some( praise God) but lots of them didn't. Now I dont
know why they didn't but I just decided that I would
not sale any pots unless they were really good. Some
of those pots had crawling glaze on them. I decide
that Keisha would not sale any more poorly had pots.
It the customers are going to buy then that pots has
got to be good. I wouldn't buy the pot with all that
crawling on it so why should I expect others to buy
it. So now I just destroy the bad ones as you do or
just give them away. Once I sat some bad pots outside
my house and put a sign on them that said "FREE POTS"
haha. They went just like that. But my pots is quality
is good. Take care gain and God speed with all your


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